Address to Address Transfer Service

If you would also like to benefit from the advantageous prices of TAV Passport in address to address transfers and enjoy the Primeclass from the very first step of your journey, you can take the advantage of our chauffeur driven transfer services offered in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir with "exclusive" discounts. Private chauffeur driven transfer service is only available for local pickups and drop offs within the city.

  • Address to address transfer service is available within 30 km range in the metropolitan municipal borders of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bodrum. The transfer fee is 115 TL up to 30km.
  • TAV Passport Card Holder can benefit from the discounted inner-city address-to-address transfer service and find out the cities of availability by making a booking on or from Call Center at 0850 222 25 75 at least 8 hours prior to the time that the service is requested.
  • • The cost of the service shall be paid by TAV Passport Card Holder by credit card during booking.
  • Change of destination address is not acceptable once you are in the vehicle and en route to destination.
  • Any excess luggage shall be mentioned during booking and suitable vehicle shall be requested to accommodate the excess luggage.
  • Transfer service route shall be determined by our company.
  • Passenger transportation capacity of transfer vehicles may vary according to the capacity of the vehicles that the service is provided.
  • High segment vehicles subject to availability are provided for transfer services.
  • The service does not cover shared transfer services.
  • Address to address transfers are not valid for Airport transfers.

Customer-related Delays

No extra charge is applicable for waiting up to 15 minutes during pick up from the address provided. After 15 minutes, the member is contacted and informed of the arrival of the vehicle. In the event that the member cannot be contacted, the vehicle returns to base and no refund shall be given. In the event that the member cannot see the greeting team during pick-up ; The member is required to call the Call Center for arrangements to meet. In the event that the member leaves before informing the situation to the Call Center, no refund shall be given.

Vehicle Delays

Members are not offered additional benefits for vehicle delays less than 15 minutes, provided that the member is informed. However, if the delay is more than 15 minutes, the member shall be informed of the situation and provided a transfer service of the same value as compensation if s/he prefers not to wait.​​

Change and Cancellation Terms

Any requests for change must be communicated to the TAV Call Center at least 6 hours in advance. The Call Center is open 24/7. Any requests for cancellation must be communicated to the TAV Call Center at least 6 hours before the transfer time. The Call Center is open 24/7. Transfer fee is non-refundable for the route booked if the cancellation terms are not complied with.