International Airport Transfer

If you would like to experience the Primeclass during your travels abroad right from the beginning, you can take advantage of the private transfer service in chauffeur-driven vehicles with "exclusive" discounts at the participating airports abroad.

Service Details

  • TAV Passport members can benefit from the discounted transfer service abroad by booking via the Call Center on 0850 222 25 75, at least 24 hours prior to the time that the service is required for.
  • Transfer Service Abroad is only available at participating airports. Please contact the Call Center to ask for transfer service fees.
  • The fee of the transfer service is paid by the TAV Passport member during booking over the phone.
  • Confirmation is texted to the phone number given during booking.
  • Transfer service route shall be determined by our company.
  • Passenger transportation capacity of transfer vehicles may vary according to the capacity of the vehicles that the service is provided.
  • Please remember to mention the number of passengers and luggage details during booking to enable us to send the most suitable vehicle.
  • In addition to high segment vehicles we offer for your transfers, we also provide new segment, more economic vehicle option for your transfers.
  • Transfer locations abroad are not included to the complimentary transfer credits offered by TAV Passport Card.

Meeting Details

  • During airport to destination transfer services, personnel will welcome you at the airport to introduce your driver.

Change and Cancellation Terms

  • Please kindly contact TAV Passport Call Center at least 12 hours before the transfer time regarding any requests for putting off the transfer date/time or cancellation. The Call Center is available 24/7. The transfer fee for the route booked cannot be refunded if the cancellation terms are not fulfilled.
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