Discounted Car Rental

  • Chauffeur-driven car rental

    You can now take advantage of our chauffeur-driven car rental service when travelling and benefit the privilege of being a TAV Passport Card member outside the airport too.

    Details and Fees:

    -Chauffeur-driven car rental service is available in Istanbul, Ankara,Izmir.
    -Our service is available for a maximum of a whole day at a time. Fees are valid within the metropolitan municipal borders.
    -Payment is required from the TAV Passport member during the reservation. The payment is made during phone call.
    -For fee details of chauffeur driven rent-a-car service you can contact Call Center on +90 850 222 25 75.
    -Motorway and bridge charges and fuel expenses are included in the price package.
    -Please remember to mention the number of passengers and luggage details during booking to enable us to send the most suitable vehicle.


    TAV Passport members can benefit from the chauffeur driven rent-a-car service by making a booking via the Call Center on +90 850 222 25 75 and/or by emailing to at least 24 hours prior to the time that the service is required for.

    Change and Cancellation Terms:

    Any requests for change must be communicated to the TAV Call Center at least 12 hours in advance. The Call Center is open 24/7.

    Any requests for cancellation must be communicated to the TAV Call Center at least 12 hours before the transfer time. The Call Center is open 24/7. Transfer fee for the route booked is nonrefundable if the cancellation terms are not complied with.

  • Discounted Car Rental​​

    Discounted car rental opportunity at special prices for TAV Passport Cardholders is waiting for you!

    TAV Passport Members are also advantageous in car rental. TAV Passport offers you the opportunity to rent the vehicle you want with the best price guaranteed, both on the website, call center and via the mobile application.

    Thanks to TAV Passport & Yolcu360 collaboration, TAV Passport Card holders can benefit the rent-a-car service offered by Yolcu360 Turkey offices with an extra 11% discount from their discounted list prices. The promotion is valid for all models.

    Campaign Terms of Use

    - The campaign is special for TAV Passport Cardholders.

    - After entering your TAV Passport Card number in the Campaign Code field taking place Campaign Page, vehicles with discounted prices will be listed.

    - The campaign is valid for both domestic and international rentals.

    - The campaign is not valid for monthly and long-term rentals.

    - Our guest, who will rent the vehicle, is obliged to submit his / her credit card and driving license.

    - If there is no vehicle with the desired features, an equivalent vehicle may be offered.

    - Other conditions: Campaign prices are calculated at a 11% discount over daily car rental discounted list prices of Yolcu360.

    - The car rental fee and the deposit amount of the related vehicle group are collected from the renter's personal credit card at the beginning of the rental.

    - To access TAV Passport service, you can call 0850 222 25 75 or visit

    - For your reservations, questions and requests, you can enter, reach us from our social media accounts.

    -Car rental discounts cannot be used while seasonal campaigns are active. "Click" to visit our Campaigns page.

GROUP VEHICLE Hertz Price List
D R.CLIO SYMBOL BENZİNLİ - Gasoline - Manuel 76 TL
H.ACCENT ERA Gasoline - Manuel
C FORD FIESTA  A/T - Gasoline  83 TL
F FORD FIESTA  Diesel – Manuel 95 TL
FIAT LINEA Diesel - Manuel
O FORD FOCUS  Diesel - Manuel 105 TL
L FORD FOCUS  A/T - Gasoline 115 TL
R NISSAN QASHQAI Diesel - Manuel 130 TL
K FORD GRAND C-MAX 7 KİŞİ Diesel - Manuel 170 TL
S MERCEDES C 180 KOMP. A/T – Gasoline  190 TL