More attractive, more fit and healthier! Exclusive Discount Offer for TAV Passport Members at Private Sculpture Polyclinic!

Established in 1998, Private Sculpture Polyclinic offers Body Contouring,
Cosmetic Procedures, Medical Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery and Healthy Diet
Consultancy services.

Mesotherapy, Dermal Filler and Botox procedures are available to all TAV
Passport Members with 40% discount till end of the year.

Dedicated to create innovative, different and tailor-made solutions,
Private Sculpture Polyclinic offers 20% off all services for TAV Passport
Members and relatives.

Private Sculpture Polyclinic
Addres: Gül street no:11, 1. Söltaş homes, Akatlar - Etiler - Istanbul
Phone: +90 212 279 75 75

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