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artnivo design store is now open! Contemporary designs of exclusive brands come together on

Artnivo, which has been carrying out activities as an online art platform since its establishment in 2013 to ensure that contemporary artworks leave the gallery space and reach wider audiences, is entering a new area by creating a design category as of June 2020 after a 7-year period in the art field.

Founded under the name artnivo design store, this field brings together brands that design using sustainable sources, support conscious consumption, and respect nature. The whole production process of these high quality handmade products is transparent, attentive and meticulous. The brands carefully selected by the artnivo team execute their designs with an artistic approach. In addition, artnivo design store includes not only contemporary designers, but also artists created design products with a view to create a field for today’s artist. Artnivo design store, which started its works with names such as Müü, Burcu Sülek Contemporary Jewelry, B-love, Aisegul Telli Jewelry, Giyi, Özlem Tuna and Define Atelier, will continue to collaborate with new brands focusing on limited edition special designs.

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