An Exclusive 15% Discount from Cunda Despot Evi for TAV Passport Members!

Despot Evi, which rises near the entrance of Cunda, one of the most beautiful Aegean towns that have been discovered, and witnessed the whole history of this small settlement, brings the past into the present. With its unique position by the shores of Aegean Sea, Despot Evi draws attention with its awarded restoration.

The hotel, which remains open throughout the year, makes its guests feel like a hero of a sophisticated fairy tale.

Cunda Despot Evi now available for TAV Passport Members with a privilege of 15% discount.

Cunda Despot Evi: Discount code TAV092018H

Cunda Despot Evi provides an exclusive 15% discount for TAV Passport Members!

- The offer is valid between 01.10.2020 -01.10.2021

- Cunda Despot Evi offer extra 20% discount for F&B consumptions, Spa and Hammam Treatments, Sailing and Beach .

- The 15% discount offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts and/or offers.

- TAV Passport Card shall be presented at Cunda Despot Evi to be able to benefit from the 15% discount

- Tav Accomodation discount couldnt combine with any other reservation channels.

- Cunda Despot Evi: Discount code TAV092018H shall be used to be able to benefit from the discount.


*Holidays and special days are not included in the discount.​

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