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Legal Notice of TAV Passport Edition Card


All terms and abbreviations used herein this Agreement are stated as follows:
2. TAV PASSPORT EDITION CARD:Special service package described herein this web site and/or related brochures in detail, which offers speed, comfort and privileges to its holders during their travels at the airports of TAV and operated by TAV Airports Holding affiliate companies.
3. web site.
4. VISITOR: The person or persons visiting the site to get information without disclosing their personal contact information.
5. MEMBER/CUSTOMER: The person(s) or organization(s) who provide personal contact information and submit a valid e-mail address, obtain a TAV Passport Edition Card No., and Password (numerical) to enter the web site, and disclose some personal or company information with their freely given consent. 6. USER: General name for all visitors, members and customers using the web site.

Confidentiality Agreement

1. Confidentiality:The owner of this site is TAV and TAV is liable for the protection of the privacy of users. In general terms; the Confidentiality Agreement is valid for all user information collected and used by TAV. Herein this Confidentiality Agreement discloses in general how the information and data types collected by TAV in this site are used and protected. TAV hereby confirms that the terms of this Agreement shall be carried out. Thus, in connection with the principles herein stated, ultimate care is shown for the protection of every kind of information collected by TAV in strictest confidence. However, this confidentiality is ultimately provided on and limited by the Internet. The site has connections with other web sites of affiliates and subsidiaries of TAV deemed sensitive to confidentiality and keeping up with related standards. However, TAV shall not be held liable for the content or confidentiality principles of the concerned web sites.

2. Confidentiality of Personal Information and Membership Records:By using the web site, you acknowledge your personal information in the web site can be accessed and used by TAV and affiliate companies and representatives.

In order to access your member page you must enter your e-mail address, card number and password. It is recommended that you change your password on your member page. In addition, you are responsible for declaring accurate and complete information while you are purchasing the service package. If you do not provide the correct and accurate information required to enable TAV to carry out your transactions, then the service will not be available. TAV is not liable for interruption of service resulting from false or missing information by any means.

You should always keep your membership information confidential; TAV will not be liable if third parties access your e-mail and/or password. You will be liable for the consequences of not keeping this information confidential and TAV, irrespective of the name under which such breach of confidentiality occurs, shall not bear any responsibility.

3. Protection of Your Personal Information: TAV utilizes various secure techniques for all personal information and data provided so that customers may benefit from the site and the services in this site through secure servers, including encryption of mail information by SSL technology if available.
Many forms and data sent are protected via encryption while receiving the data with the SSL technology abovementioned.
Your information and data are kept in accordance with the legal procedures during our transactions for the required legal period. Your visit to these pages is construed as your approval for TAV to keep and utilize the updated version of the necessary information and data subject to herein stated in this Confidentiality Agreement.

4."Cookies":In due course, TAV and its subsidiaries and/or representatives may send a "cookie" (a short word document) to your computer through the web site. Cookies are small amounts of data sent by the web site server to your Internet browser and stored in the memory of your computer. Cookies do not damage your system. Cookies are managed to see the pages visited in the TAV network or the pages edited by you. Your repeated visits become easier and faster upon the application of cookies. You can reject cookies by changing the settings of your Internet browser or enabling your browser to give a warning when a cookie is sent to your computer. If you reject cookies, the number of applications you can access on your system and on other web sites will be decreased and some options will not run as expected. TAV is not liable for a decrease in the number of applications and other defects.

5. Agreement Amendments: Herein this Confidentiality Agreement is subject to change. TAV will announce any such amendments in the Confidentiality Agreement through the web site. All personal, membership information is subject to the terms and conditions of the Confidentiality Agreement as amended.

Terms of Service Use

The owner of this website is TAV Operation Services Inc. Users visiting our website are deemed to have accepted the below terms and conditions for all purposes and uses, including but not limited to those listed.

Our website and the contents hereof have been prepared to offer information about our services in the general sense and do not have the nature of offering any recommendations, comments and/or directions for our users. Our company may not b held responsible in any manner whatsoever for transactions effected based on the information published on this website, or the losses/damages which have arisen and/or which will arise due to failure to access this website. All responsibility regarding the decisions made in light of the information contained in the website shall belong solely to the User. As the information, documents, trademarks, logos, photographs, promotional videos, newspaper clippings, and other issues contained in the website are for information purposes, the reproduction, distribution, loading, printing, publishing, and other utilization thereof, may not be for commercial purposes. Our intention, with the exception of erroneous typographical errors and statements, is to ensure that all information set forth in the website is correct, clear and legible. Therefore, we intend to update as accurately and as quickly as possible the information on the website, taking into account current changes, in order to ensure our users will be current with regard to the changes which may occur in the information. However, from time to time, due to technical discrepancies and/or problems arising due to third parties, there may be delays in site access and/or content updates. Our Company does not accept any responsibility whatsoever due to any losses/damages which may arise in such cases.

Our Company is entitled to change its services, the terms and conditions and the operation of service utilization, site contents and the legal notice text, and to remove some information, documents, logos, and other content from the website without prior notice. Users who continue to visit our website will be deemed to have accepted all these changes.

Losses/damages which may arise, as well as the legal responsibility in cases of violation of any provisions of this Legal Notice text hereby or failure to use the Website and/or the contents of the Website with the applicable laws and regulations, or such use despite the lack of suggestions, comments or directions shall be the sole responsibility of the User.

In the event that the information Users obtain through the Access links on our Website is used, all responsibility shall belong to the providers of the link through which the connection is made. In the event that Users access other sites by using the links which are displayed on our website from time to time, then the usage terms and conditions of those websites are applicable, and we do not undertake or guarantee the accuracy of the contents of the websites to which such links are given. Using such links are entirely up to the User, and the User is deemed to have accepted that s/he is solely responsible for the damages which may arise for accessing the relevant website by using the links displayed or by using such links.

In the event that Users obtain services from 3rd persons or parties by using the links on our web site, then 3rd persons or parties shall bear all responsibility without respect to whether they are contracted with our Company or not. Our Company bears no responsibility for the services rendered by 3rd persons or companies.

All copyrights and/or intellectual property rights for trademarks, logos, photographs, promotional videos and similar materials in our website belong to our Company, and they are protected by the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Law No. 5846 and other applicable laws and regulations. Any tampering with the website contents in any manner whatsoever, any illegal external intervention with the website content other than through our Company, the usage of the Website content in violation of this Legal Notice text hereby and the violation of the copyrights may be concluded with penal and/or legal proceedings.

It is absolutely forbidden to add links to our Website, to use information about our services and/or the information about the Terminal for commercial purposes, and to add advertisements, logos, banners and other similar materials, without the written prior permission of our Company.

The applicability of this Legal Notice text is hereby limited by the Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combatting Crimes Committed Through These Publications, as well as the relevant regulations, applicable laws and decrees, and any articles being deemed void by official entities and authorities shall not extend to the entire body of the Legal Notice text, and the remaining provisions shall continue to be binding on the parties.

Unless indicated otherwise, all texts, photographs and other materials published in our website belong to our company, TAV Operation Services Inc. All rights of our Company are reserved. All text, visual, audio, animation and video files and designs published in this website are under protection of the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Art Works and all other legal arrangements in relation with that law. No items may be copied, used or published on other websites for commercial purposes. For those who act otherwise, the provisions of the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Art Works shall be applicable.

All logos, trademarks, and corporate emblems published in this website are under protection through the provisions of the Decree No. 556 on the Protection of Trademarks. Logos may not be copied or used in any manner whatsoever. Legal proceedings shall be initiated for those who act otherwise.

In conflicts which may arise due to the utilization of this website and/or the terms and conditions and the provisions in the Legal Notice text, or disputes in relation with the site content, even if the site content has been used in alternative languages, the Turkish Legal Notice text shall be the governing text, and Bakırköy Courts and Execution Offices have the exclusive authority of jurisdiction.

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