An Exclusive 20% Discount at Assembly Annual Membership for TAV Passport Members!

A unique office experience by Assembly offers 20% discount for TAV Passport Members. Assembly was founded in 2015, for the purpose of creating progressive business environments that bring together business leaders from around the world. It opens way to a new business understanding responding all of your office requirements. Assembly creates a business ecosystem between permanent and temporary members of the buildings that it manages by presenting multiple office spaces, co-working areas, concierge services, and organizing various events.

In Ferko Signature Building in Levent, which is the first building managed by Assembly, we provide innovative design services to create efficient and environment-friendly places that are human centred: An accessible location, spacious offices, technological infrastructure, functional common areas, enhanced services, and seamless management. Assembly offers shell & core office floors, suites, membership & virtual office options, and meet all your expectations with rental board rooms, meeting rooms, lounges, event spaces, and re-charge rooms.

Office Floors

Choose from Assembly’s flexible office spaces ranging from 140 to 1722 sq. meters on the same floor. You can customize your conventional office based on your requirements.


Suites of all sizes come fully furnished so you don’t have to think about minor details – they have all been taken care of for you. Just bring your personal belongings and your team, and your office is ready to use.

Membership & Virtual Offices

You can still enjoy being a part of Assembly’s unique atmosphere and society without committing to a permanent office space. Membership & virtual office options provide you with the opportunity to use the co-working and social areas, to benefit from a broad range of concierge services, and to follow members-only events.

Contact: 90 212 803 46 29 / 0 212 932 82 00

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