Discount Privilege in Fuel Oil!

  • TAV Passport Members will benefit from a 2% (two percent) discount on fuel oil at participating Petrol Ofisi stations all around Turkey.
  • The discount will be applied on pump sales prices of the station that the fuel oil is purchased on that particular date including VAT.
  • TAV Passport Card will be scanned to the system and the discount will be applied if the system approves.
  • To be able to benefit from the discount, TAV Passport Card shall be in your possession during payment.
  • In the event of a problem, please contact our call center on +90 0850 222 25 75​ for assistance. The Call Center is available 24/7.
  • LPG is out of scope.
  • Please follow the below steps to register for the “PAY & GO” system that will allow you to purchase gas with your TAV Passport card without getting out of your vehicle, adding convenience and speed to your life.
  • A 300 TRY pre-authorization will be held on your credit card with PAY&GO transactions. If a 300 TRY worth purchase is not made the remaining amount will be automatically refunded to your credit card via banks. The refund time can vary depending on your bank. (This amount is blocked from your credit card limit prior to fuel purchase to avoid the risk of charging from the guest’s credit card and eliminate customer dissatisfaction.)
  • When pairing a credit card with the TAV Passport card, the pre-authorization amount is 300 TRY. If this amount needs to be revised in line with customer requests the change can be made via this link:
  • Once your TAV Passport card is matched to your credit card, the discounted payment is completed via your credit card as soon as your TAV Passport card is swiped. The discount cannot applied with the TAV Passport card for cash payments. However, you may deactivate the "PAY & GO" system whenever you wish and continue to use the TAV Passport card for discounts.
  • Please contact the Petrol Ofisi Customer Hotline via 0800 211 02 29 (from landlines) and 0555 675 55 55 (from mobile phones) if you would like to remove the paired credit card.
  • Visit for more information.

Registration Process:

  • Complete the customer registration process from the “Online Transactions” page on the Petrol Ofisi website. Please click here for registration.
  • Enter your TAV Passport card number into the Positive Card number fields from the add credit card window to match your credit card and benefit from the Pay & Go services. Please click here for match your credit card.
  • Present your card to the Petrol Ofisi personnel prior to your transaction to benefit from the “PAY & GO” service with a discount via your credit card assigned to your TAV Passport card.