Ispark Car Park Service

Your privileges within the city continue. Park your car at any one of the Ispark car parks in the city free-of-charge!

During their membership, TAV Passport Members can benefit from 6-credits worth of free-of-charge parking in all İspark car parks across Istanbul.

Service Conditions;

  • TAV Passport Members can benefit from the free-of-charge Ispark car park service provided that they present their TAV Passport Card. The request to benefit from the campaign should be declared to the personnel at the beginning of the parking process for roadside parking and barrier-free parking. For barrier gated parking spaces the campaign should be declared to the personnel at the check-out.
  • TAV Passport Members can use their 6-credits worth free-of-charge parking right in all Ispark service points. 1 parking credit equates to 0-2 hours in roadside car parks and 0-3 hours for all barrier gated car parks, single entry per day.
  • If the allocated complimentary time frame is exceeded, the difference will be collected by Ispark in both types of parks (Ex. For roadside parking that is 10TRY for 0-2 hours and 12TRY for 2-3 hours the difference of 12-10=2 will be collected by Işpark.)
  • The 6-credit worth free-of-charge Isp​ark service can only be used by the cardholder during the duration of the contract.
  • The rights provided by the card cannot be combined and used with other rights provided by TAV or other institutions.