”The Women of Dali” Games Offers A 15% Discount To TAV Passport Members!

Marilyn Monroe, Virginia Woolf, Edith Piaf and Frida Kahlo are on stage at the same time. The Women of Dali brings together legends, and each of its different color. The Women of Dali which accomadte musicality, tragedy, which is also described as an absurd comedy that will be cast on stage with a striking and different style. and the audience will witness an unusual confrontation in the game, which also includes tension elements.

A place, any time, Edith Piaf, Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe, Virginia Woolf, and a little bit of Dali, Salvador Dali, all at the invitation of a mind ... Sometimes it replaces another, sometimes it cannot find its own place, sometimes from the world they ask for help. While everyone is skeptical about the other in this interrogation, the most surprising questions are coming out of a bag, the most unexpected answers are under the table, in a moment from the past, right in the middle of the room. Today, past, future, art, life, questions ... Hello neighbour, if you are available in the evening, my dad will harass you? - There is something red on the edge of your lip, did you kiss after you killed? When will I be shot if I love a woman? There is such a rumble about our questions, problems, and even traumas that no one is heard from anyone. Except music, dance, laughter, tears and the sound of sadness ... Of course, we always wondered who the murderer was, so who do we live? "

The Women of Dali game, directed by Ali düşenkalkar, offers a 15% discount to TAV Passport Members with the Atlantis Yapım organization.

  • The offer is valid between 29.01.2020 and 02.04.2020. Within the scope of the campaign, TAV Passport Members benefit 15% discount.
  • The 15% discount offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts and/or offers.
  • The discount only applies to theatre tickets during the purchases made via www.biletix.com website. TAV PASSPORT should be selected in the campaign type box and the discount code “TAV2020” must be entered . Depending on the ticket delivery option, tickets for entry must be received before the event.

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