BBOM (Stands for; Another School is Possible) and TAV Collaboration!

Dear Members,

TAV Passport thinks that the future of our country depends on developments in education. Therefore, we designated our social responsibility area in 2016 as "education" and decided to support Başka Bir Okul Mümkün (BBOM) (meaning Another School is Possible) Association, an initiative which is a great white hope and creates differences in education field.

BBOM Association takes initiative to open schools which admit that children are different and defend children's rights and also are democratic, ecologic and non-profit-making. Organizing support programs that all teachers can apply, the Association also provides basic training, i.e. children's rights, children's participation, violence-free communication, etc., that will completely amend the perspective of teachers in education processes.

We would like to kindly share our decision to support BBOM Association in their Teachers' Village project and Teachers Support Program in 2016 to create a difference in education.

For further details on the project which has started with the New Year enthusiasm and will continue throughout the year and also on information regarding BBOM Association, please visit​​​​​